Upcoming events


Upcoming events

You will find here all the UNXPECTED events: a dinner, an outing, a car&coffee, a weekend, ...

Each event is detailed allowing you to know the level of performance, the time of driving, the activities during the stages.

To guarantee conviviality, confidentiality and sharing, the number of participants is limited. We advise you to book the events that interest you and for which you are available as soon as possible.

"Since the creation of my Instagram account @a911inParis in 2020, I have driven thousands of kilometers in my Porsche across France and Europe to meet Porschists who were all surprised but delighted by these unexpected encounters. This allowed me to gain their trust, to often make friends who shared their experience, their secret roads, their places. And it is from this experience and friendship that all these events were born to make you live unforgettable moments.



UNXPECTED selects its hotels for their beautiful surroundings and the quality of their services. You will feel at home and enjoy a multitude of services to relax. Many attentions will be granted to the members of the UNXPECTED club, whether it is during our roadtrip or during one of your private stays: attention at the arrival, supervised parking, simplified checkout, ....


culinary experiences

We will take you to discover the culinary heritage of the visited regions, in an eco-responsible approach, we have chosen to privilege the chefs who propose local and seasonal products. You will enjoy an authentic cuisine that will honor the French gastronomy...


Exclusive visits

UNXPECTED is also a network of Porsche collectors that the founder knows personally. He has obtained the trust of many of them who open the doors of their collection to us today. We will share with these collectors our passion for the brand and they will tell you about their journey and why they chose this or that model... privileged moments that will make you discover what is the Porsche passion...


Some past events

Since 2020, Jerome, the founder of UNXPECTED has organized and participated in many events related to his passion for Porsche: Roadtrip in the footsteps of the Monte Carlo Rally, 50 years of the Porsche 2.7 RS, Roadtrip in the Verdon, Circuit Day at SPA, Stroll in the Vexin, He will share his experience to make you live unexpected experiences...