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Do you own a Porsche and want to join a group of enthusiasts who can share driving pleasure and unforgettable moments of conviviality?

UNXPECTED is a private club for epicurean, aesthete and gourmet Porsche enthusiasts. With a passion for cars and the art of living, members share common values: refinement, elegance, authenticity and conviviality.

Members meet regularly at exceptional events organized throughout the year in France and abroad. On the program: road trips to magical locations, gourmet dinners, private visits to Porsche collectors and leading luxury houses, previews in the art world... always with a view to offering the exceptional and the unexpected, with never-before-seen surprises!

jerome brugnago
the founder of unxpected

"Since the creation of my Instagram account @a911inParis in 2020, I drove my Porsche thousands of kilometers across France and Europe, meeting other Porsche enthusiasts who were surprised but delighted by my unusual approach. I was able to gain their trust and, in many cases, make friends who shared their driving experiences, secret roads and good addresses. One thing led to another, and so that all this "little world" with shared values and passions could meet and experience unforgettable moments together, I thought up and organized a number of events. That's how Club UNXPECTED was born. Today, my aim is to develop this circle of friends and acquaintances so that new members can, in turn, share their experiences and meet personalities with fascinating profiles as varied as the cars taking part in our events."

What Club membership offers

  1. A welcome pack - including a membership card with your membership number, a polo shirt bearing the Club's logo and surprise gifts - which will be presented to you at a welcome party.

  2. The opportunity to sign up for all UNXPECTED events: road trips (including several on closed roads during the year), lunches, dinners, track days, Unxpected Sundays and meetings with influential Porsche ambassadors. Events are announced regularly on the www.unxpected.fron social networks and via newsletter.

  3. Access to the UNXPECTED community on WhatsApp, to keep abreast of upcoming events and exchange ideas with other Club members taking part (pending the launch of the secure mobile application in 2024).

  4. Exclusive offers for all our partners (automotive, art and luxury) and VIP invitations to their previews and private parties.

  5. Access to a trusted UNXPECTED concierge service dedicated to the use of your Porsche: purchase, expertise, transport of your vehicle, provision of road books,....

Porsches Paris Cars and Coffee

How do I become a member?

To join the UNXPECTED Club, all you have to do is fill in a membership application form, or be recommended by an active member. A meeting is then scheduled with Club founder Jerome Brugnago.

Each new membership application is carefully examined to maintain the Club's selective and exclusive positioning.

Membership costs 600€ per year, plus a one-off registration fee of 200€ for the first year.

To launch the Club, all 2023 memberships are valid until December 31, 2024. The first members will be able to take part in all forthcoming events, and will receive a "founding member" welcome pack. From January 2024, membership will then be valid for 365 days from date to date.

Welcome to Unxpected: the privilege is to be included

Passion, pleasure and eco-responsibility

All UNXPECTED events are carbon offset. The Club finances the programs of associations whose mission is to combat global warming by proposing sustainable and economically viable alternatives to polluting activities.

The Club also favors partners who are committed to protecting the planet (sustainable luxury, eco-responsible restaurants and accommodation, etc.).

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