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"Since creating my Instagram account @a911inParis in 2020, I've driven thousands of Porsche kilometers across France and Europe to meet other Porschists, all surprised but delighted by these unexpected encounters. I was able to gain their trust and, in many cases, make friends who shared their driving experiences, secret roads and good addresses. One thing led to another, and so that this "little world" of shared values and passions could meet and enjoy unforgettable moments together, I thought up and organized a number of events. That's how Club UNXPECTED was born. Today, my aim is to develop this circle of friends and acquaintances so that new members can, in turn, share their experiences and meet personalities with exciting profiles as varied as the cars taking part in our events."

porsche majorette


from the beginning

The automobile has always been part of my DNA. Born in Lorraine between Metz and Luxembourg in 1974, I live surrounded by steel mills that produce steel sheets, rods and bars for the automotive industry... My family works in screw-cutting and mechanics and supplies machined parts for the automotive industry. On my side, I collect the 1/65th scale majorettes cars exceeding 100 cars with which I organize car races on the Persian carpet of the living room, the frieze on the edge of the carpet being used as car circuit.


"Classic cars

My majorettes are shelved, but I still build Tamiya radio-controlled cars, mostly electric 4×4 buggies. I also began to read a lot of the motoring press, even going so far as to request a subscription to "automobiles classiques" for Noël. This was definitely a magazine in a class of its own, with a mix of classic cars from yesteryear, more recent sports cars and supercars... a real goldmine for my automotive culture. I still remember the test drive of the 993 turbo, where the journalist was amazed by the power of the turbo, but also by the ease of use of the 993 turbo compared with older 911 turbo models... the four-wheel drive was certainly a factor!

classic cars 993 turbo magazine
Porsche 964 Cup driving course propulsion


automotive training courses

At the age of 25, when I started my professional career, I could not yet afford a Porsche. However, I can satisfy my passion by taking part in car courses on the circuit. I must admit that driving on a circuit is very pleasant, but quickly repetitive. The driver instructor is there to coach you, but even if you follow his instructions to the letter, it is difficult to leave room for fantasy. The fun is controlled, and getting close to the limits is out of the question. This is frustrating for me. Nevertheless, I would advise anyone who loves cars to participate in these courses, which allow you to drive extraordinary vehicles. My only advice: "follow the instructions, the driving sensations will only be multiplied by ten."

It was at this time that a friend of mine, with whom I was a student, took over a family business that was in trouble and eventually rebuilt it. He also has a passion for cars and decided to buy his first Porsche, a 996 Turbo, then a 997 Turbo, and finally a 997 GT3. We also drive a 993 Carrera S. He goes out from time to time with the Porsche dealership in Pontoise, and I have the opportunity to accompany him during track days and club outings, such as Le Mans Bugatti and Lurcy Levis.


porsche rentals

And in October 2019, I'm off to Stuttgart to visit the Porsche factory and museum thanks to a Porsche Travel Experience "Porsche Backstage" program. The afternoon is devoted to test-driving Porsche models. One of the German participants confirms that Avis has a partnership with Porsche in Germany and that it's possible to rent a 991 for less than €300/day...

I will then frequently rent Porsches from Avis in Germany, on the side of Baden-Baden to criss-cross the Black Forest, but also in Munich, a few hours drive from the Stelvio. In October 2019, it's back from this stay at the Stelvio, with this magnificent 991 GTS convertible that I decide to buy my own 911...

991 GTS Stelvio Murano Avis Location
Porsche Eiffel Tower Paris


purchase of my Porsche

But which Porsche should I choose? The thrill of the rear-wheel drive GTS made me change my mind about my choice - a 4S was out of the question.... I started to look at the ads for Porsches in France, Germany and Central Europe. My budget allows me to buy a 991 Carrera S with a lot of mileage, or a 997 Carrera S with little mileage and a lot of options. The Targa 4S and its lines also caught my eye, but the reputation of the Targa roofs made me hesitate. In fact, I had bent the Targa roof of the 991 during a rental. I went back to my buyer's guides and magazines, thanks to Flat6 and RS Magazine and their opinions, not always identical but often complementary. By pure chance, I come across a Flat6 buyer's guide dated September 2017 on the 997 GTS, and then I say to myself, of course it's her... After 3 months of intensive research, I finally find this 997 GTS, for which I create my instagram account @a911inParis.


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