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UNXPECTED members can benefit from the goods & services of Club partners. 

Porsche gelderland


porsche centrum gelderland

Porsche Centrum Gelderland & Porsche Classic Centrum Gelderland are UNXPECTED's partner Porsche centers. 

If you would like to :

  1. buy a modern or classic Porsche
  2. maintain a particular model
  3. carry out repair or restoration work on your classic Porsche


Club UNXPECTED will be your privileged contact in France and will support you in your project with the teams of Mark Wegh, founder of Porsche Centrum Gelderland & Porsche Classic Centrum Gelderland. 

To find out more, join the UNXPECTED community.


Piper-Heidsieck champagne

The Champagne House Piper-Heidsieck is a prestigious champagne house founded in 1785 in Reims, France. Did you know that it was Marylin Monroe's favorite champagne? And that it is also the official champagne of the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscars? Piper-Heidsieck is also the official supplier to Club UNXPECTED, which rolls out the red carpet for its members.

Lembers enjoy a 30% discount on the Piper-Heidsieck online store and a 25% discount on the Rare Champagne online store. 

An in-house ambassador is available to members for professional inquiries.

promo code available to members only.
To access the online sales site, join the UNXPECTED community.


porsche insurance broker

Looking for a good insurance contract for an exceptional car? Club UNXPECTED provides its members with a dedicated advisor who will handle all requests confidentially. 

With the benefit of our experience, we have developed an offer with our partner that assures, in the most pleasant way, the risk of owning an exceptional car...

To be put in touch with our broker, join the UNXPECTED community.



An exceptional garage for an exceptional car! 

ONIRIC is a design, layout and decoration agency for garages. In particular, it offers tailor-made services to transform private garages into veritable showcases for their Porsches! 

VIP service for UNXPECTED members. 


To get in touch with ONIRIC, join the UNXPECTED community.
oniric garage porsche
remy josseaume speeding withdrawal of license


master josseaume

Lawyer at the Paris Bar, Master Rémy JOSSEAUME specializes in the exclusive practice of road law and the defense of road users.

In the course of his work, he handles criminal, administrative and civil road traffic litigation throughout France.

Maître Rémy JOSSEAUME is at the disposal of Club UNXPECTED members to answer all their questions and assist them in any litigation. Simply contact him via the link below, giving your membership number.

To benefit from Maitre Josseaume's advice, join the UNXPECTED community.


mathieu lustrerie

In the heart of the Luberon, on the Ochre road, the Ateliers Mathieu Lustrerie restores, re-edits and creates exceptional chandeliers for the most prestigious places in the world.

Régis Mathieu and a score of companions have developed unique techniques so that each piece that passes through their hands becomes a true work of art, which equals or exceeds the level of requirement of the 18th century masters.

Looking to buy or restore chandeliers? UNXPECTED members are put in direct contact with Regis Mathieu, founder of Mathieu Lustrerie. 

To get in touch with Regis Mathieu, join the UNXPECTED community.
Porsche 911 Ferry Porsche Regis Mathieu chandelier


classic spirit

Born from the passion of Mathieu Gautrin for classic and collectible vehicles, the company Classic Spirit was founded in 2008. It specializes in the sale and restoration of Porsche Classic cars.

Mathieu is available to UNXPECTED members for the purchase and/or sale of their Porsche(s).

To find out more, join the UNXPECTED community.


classic expert

Created in 2015 to meet a growing demand from collectors to appraise their classic or prestige vehicles anywhere in France, Classic Expert is the brand of BCA Expertise, which specializes in the advice and real valuation of classic cars with over 150 passionate Experts.

UNXPECTED Club members benefit from a 10% discount on RETRO VALEUR and RETRO EXPERTISE expertise offers. 

To have your Porsche appraised, join the UNXPECTED community.
automotive expertise porsche guillaume foubert flat6 expertise
Porsche Head Skis


head skis

For all speed and precision enthusiasts, HEAD offers a winter sports collection born of a collaboration with Porsche: high-performance, top-of-the-range skis, perfectly suited to racing skiers, as well as stylish skiwear. 

Head x Porsche skis will be tested by UNXPECTED members during mountain trips.

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Profilo, created by designer Andrew Vianello in 2015, lets you transform your Porsche into a sculpture of excellence.
With the "KM/h Profile" collection, the designer creates sculptures of automobiles, including all Porsche models, which have always been the brand's best-sellers.
The colors, license plate numbers and refined design of your favorite car will be possible thanks to an entirely manual process in which black, colored or bronze wire will give shape to your 1:10 scale sculpture.
UNXPECTED members can contact Andrew directly and receive a 20% discount on their Porsche sculpture. 
To contact Profilo, join the UNXPECTED community.
bart kuykens porsche


bart kuykens

Bart Kuykens, famous Porsche photographer and author of "A FLAT6 LOVE AFFAIR", is offering UNXPECTED members an exclusive photo shoot around their Porsche(s). The shooting will take place in the same way as if it were for one of his books or exhibitions. The photographs are black and white, grainy and cinematic, printed on art baryta paper. 40-inch fine art print included!

To find out more, join the UNXPECTED community.



Fire extinguishers have hardly changed in 100 years...They're big, heavy, pressurized devices filled with a messy powder that's an archaic approach to putting out a fire.

Element is based on tried & tested technology used by police, military and special forces around the world. Now available to the general public, Element is a fast, effective response to fire emergencies.

It attacks fire at the molecular level, breaking the oxygen combustion chain and extinguishing the flames. With this technology, Element extinguishes fire quickly, safely and above all cleanly, leaving no residue, no toxic smoke and no maintenance (traditional extinguishers need to be serviced every year...). What's more, it's lightweight and easy to use. Definitely a must-have accessory for every Porsche!

LUNXPECTED Club members enjoy 10% discount on all ElementFire products. 

To take advantage of these benefits, join the UNXPECTED community.
elementfire car extinguisher
housse showroom porsche la compagnie de la housse


la compagnie de la housse

La Compagnie de la Housse has been providing budget-friendly storage solutions since 1998, when the company was founded. Its experience goes even further back, as the founders have been working in the world of vintage and prestige cars for almost 40 years.

Manager Maxence is on hand to help UNXPECTED members find the right cover for their Porsche, and Porsche and/or UNXPECTED logo flocking is offered to members. 

To take advantage of these benefits, join the UNXPECTED community.


ferdinand magazine

For over ten years, Ferdinand has been the quarterly for all classic Porsche enthusiasts! Produced by Porsche enthusiasts, the magazine federates a community of Porsche enthusiasts, collectors who drive their cars, race them, often maintain and even restore them. 

Ferdinand offers UNXPECTED Club members the latest issue of the magazine for the quarter of their subscription + a subscription for €30/year instead of €35/year.

To access the PROMO code, join the UNXPECTED community.
Ferdinand Magazine



Shozo Cars is an automotive design services company. We create unique and original visuals using our digital tools. The aim is not simply to redesign your vehicle, but to create a story-telling around its history and yours. We adapt to all your needs, from creation to printing on canvas, posters, alu-dibond and much more. The only limit is your imagination.

Alexandre, the manager, is at the disposal of UNXPECTED members for the creation of your Porsche's visuals. 

To take advantage of these benefits, join the UNXPECTED community.

unxpected club

You will love to enjoy your Porsche
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